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There's no need to rush things. I ate the qeema.

Lyndon is very childish. The Prime Minister tried to convince his coalition partners to overhaul pensions. I was wondering when you'd get here. Shall we go to a little more upscale restaurant? You're the only person I know who is my age. Nobody noticed Luis leave the room. Are you also from Kashgar? George will speak.

This magazine sells well. I got thinking about it over the weekend, when I was raking the last of the leaves out from under the bushes. May that be a lesson to you! Peter doesn't always arrive on time, but Hilda usually does. You can't go alone. I want to emphasize this point in particular.

You shouldn't have lied to him about the baby. The amoeba is a protozoan.

Tanya was my teacher. I am in Iceland this evening, I'll be home tomorrow. Only she knows how to help me.

We have a water outage.

I know what she did. I need to go flat-hunting this weekend. The cake that Claudia baked looked really delicious. Amanda counted on Linder's help.

Are you going to quit your job? The room is very comfortable. I realized I still hadn't eaten anything. I can see why Alfred doesn't like you.

She's worried about your safety. It's just a theory. I don't have to talk to you.

I'm only a freshman. I'm sure about that. They were together. The base of a cone is a circle.

He's a true legend. It's one of the reasons. I think I have a lot of plaque build up. What's your job? Triantaphyllos had no right to treat Duane that way. You'd better not argue with Len. Your son will be well taken care of. I'm really mad at you guys.